Whether we take the time to think about it or not, we all have principles that guide the way we live and conduct our business.

I’ve met some great business people and have noticed a pattern among those that are successful. So I’ve come to the conclusion that there are at least 3 principles that guide successful business people.

They are:

  1. They build systems and processes around a fantastic product or service
    Think of a road map if you like or a sales funnel. Successful business people build systems and processes that generate sales consistently and keep the business moving forward. They look for ways to multiply their income rather than trade time for money.
  2. They don’t have to do it alone
    Successful entrepreneurs have mentors and other people that they can talk to about business. People who encourage them and give them confidence. They have advisors, people who they can turn to when they get stuck or when they want to take things to the next level. They can be virtual mentors, people that they follow online or listen to or they can even be people in an online community.
  3. It’s not all about them
    Being successful isn’t all about finances; it’s about helping others and helping them solve their problems. One of the secrets to happiness is helping other people. Not only does it make them feel more productive, it also brings meaning to what they’re doing.

What principles are you guided by in your business?