Video marketing is a great way for you to separate yourself from everyone else and yet so few people are willing to try it.

With so many marketing messages bombarding our emails and social media every day, customers are hungry for authenticity… They’re waiting for someone who they can resonate and connect with… Video has the ability to do that.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Rev up the smart phone
    Most smart phones have a pretty decent camera and you don’t need fancy equipment to film a video. Just make sure that you film in landscape and not portrait otherwise you end up with those annoying black bars on either side of your video. Also get yourself a tripod so that you take a clean stable shot and don’t end up with a shaky video.
  2. Framing the shot
    If you’re filming someone who is talking, make sure that their eyes are somewhere near the middle of the top third of the screen. When someone is speaking with us, we’re naturally drawn to their eyes. In video, there’s something called the Rule of Thirds which basically states that we’re drawn to the top third of the video. Having the speaker’s eyes in the top third versus in the centre of the screen makes for better videos.
  3. Video quality
    If the quality of your video isn’t great, try improving the lighting first, before spending money on upgrading your device. Most of the time, the quality of your video will improve dramatically with better lighting and portable lighting equipment isn’t very expensive.
  4. Audio quality
    Bad audio on good video is worse than good audio on bad video. Most people will put up with average video but if they can’t hear what you’re saying, you’ve lost them. Ditch the onboard microphone and get yourself a mic. The closer the microphone is to you the better. The small lavalier style microphones are great.
  5. Just do it
    You’re probably missing out if you don’t use video in your business. Video is extremely popular and smart phones are now the most viewed televisions in the whole world. Videos are easy to consume and because so few businesses are willing to try it, it’ll give you a massive competitive advantage if you do it right.