With all the busyness these days it’s easy to get distracted and to forget someone’s name. Sometimes it even happens a few moments after you’ve just met them!

So I wanted to share with you a neat little technique that I’ve been using to improve my ability to remember someone’s name.

But firstly, why is this even important?

To most people, the sound of their own name is the sweetest sound in the world.

Just think about that for a second… The people that you’re closest to, that connect with you, know and use your name. It’s a personal sound and so it’s no surprise that success in business and even relationships can take off when someone takes the time to remember your name.

The reverse is also true and business deals have failed and relationships have been damaged when people have called someone by the wrong name.

OK, so now that you’re a little bit more convinced that this might actually be worth learning, here’s the memory hack…

The technique I like to use lies within the acronym SUAVE, which stands for:

S - Say it. Try and say the name right away.

U - Use it, during the conversation.

A - Ask. If the name is a little unusual ask how do you spell it, or what does it mean?

V - Visualise. Imagine Mike holding a Mic.

E - End. Say goodbye saying their name.

And remember practice makes progress. So if you want to get better at remembering names, practice this technique as often as you can.

Have a great week and be SUAVE.