The journey that is taking your idea and turning it into a business can not only be scary and risky but also plagued with problems at different steps that may see you not succeed at all. Daniel’s book, From Idea to Launch is for all those budding entrepreneurs that want to navigate this huge leap with a seasoned professional. Very well written and extremely insightful it’s a must read!
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Customer Reviews:

"Fantastic book that puts things in easy to read and understandable terms. I wish I'd read it earlier!"

"This is the Ant Man of business start-up books. It’s small, but it really packs a punch! It dispenses with all of the jargon and unnecessary complexity found in lots of books about starting a business and instead it guides you step by step through a logical sequence. This book is very practical and designed to be hands on right from the first chapter. This interactive style is probably the single biggest reason to buy this book. The author tells you want to do and how to do it, then you put that knowledge in to action. If you work through the book doing this, you may very well end up with the beginnings of a new business."

"The author gets right down to the key areas that you'd always wondered about with starting a business. The steps and guides are clear and is a valuable resource to launching your business. A highly recommended read and worthy collection on your way to launching your own business."

"Daniel does a great job of distilling ideas in to bite sized, palatable chunks. Easy to digest and turn into actions."

"Give yourself a better chance at succeeding. Get this book."

Amazon Best Seller: #1 Business Management
Amazon Best Seller: #1 Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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