Firstly, know that the world needs you.

When you don’t apply your gifting and you don’t chase after your dreams, you’re not only doing a major disservice to yourself, but you’re doing a major disservice to the world.

To overcome fear we need to look at things through a different lens or from another perspective.

What if we stop thinking about it as failure and instead start to think about it as a lesson where you get feedback that shows you what works and what doesn’t?

What if we start looking at the facts and then choose the meaning which would allow us to grow and continue to achieve rather than to condemn and allow us to enter into negativity?

For instance, you get into a car crash and it could mean:

  • Everyone else is a terrible driver
  • It’s going to be a bad day
  • I’m grateful that I didn’t die (this is my lucky day)
  • I get a new car

Or, you didn’t convert the sale and it could mean:

  • People hate me
  • My product isn’t good enough
  • The customer needs more time
  • The customer needs more information

You get to choose and attach a meaning to any fact and the meaning that you choose can either be a ball and chain or wings to fly off.

Is there only one meaning to any fact? Find a meaning that’s going to propel you forward!

Look for the opportunity in each situation and don’t let the fear of failure hold you back.

Stay courageous and have an awesome week!