A/B testing, also referred to as split testing, is where you compare two or more versions of something to see which one performs better.

So for example:

Buy one get one free, half price or 50% off.

Which one do you think would give you the best response?

They all mean the same thing but typically one will always outperform the other.

Some of you might be thinking… does it really matter which one I use?

Well let’s say you spend $1 on advertising and one ad gave you a return of $2, and the other gave you a return of $4. They might both be giving you a positive return on investment but one is definitely outperforming the other.

Now let’s say you scaled that up and added a few more zeros…

If you now spent $1m on advertising, wouldn’t a $4m return be better than just $2m?

Wouldn’t you want to know which version is going to give you the best result?

Let’s look at another example where A/B testing could be used…

So let’s say you’ve taken a fair amount of time and effort to create a campaign, write your ad, build a landing page, sales page, etc.

Doing some small tweaks here and there in conjunction with split testing could potentially give you more clients and increase your income.

Those small tweaks might include things like, trying a different image, headline or call to action.

So the next time you’re thinking about setting up a second campaign to try and boost sales, have a look at your current campaign and see if there’s anything that you can try and optimise first. It might just be worth the extra effort!