Working on your business is very different from working in your business and it’s a really important concept to get your head around if you want to build a successful company.

From what I’ve observed, most business owners get caught up working in their business. They’re doing sales, managing people, managing projects and focusing on daily tasks but they’re neglecting setting things up for the long term.

Working on your business includes things like improving processes, developing systems, creating a business plan, developing staff and pursuing your vision.

Robert Kiyosaki, in his book Cashflow Quadrant, looks at the difference between being self-employed and being a business owner.

Being self-employed is when you’ve created a job for yourself. It’s kind of like being an employee again except that you’re your own boss. But it’s difficult to get away from the daily grind, because if you’re not working in your business, the business stops.

Robert defines a business owner as someone who can step away from their business for some time and it will continue to run on its own.

The only way that you can get to that stage, is by setting time aside to work on your business.

It’s this approach that gives entrepreneurs the freedom to chase bigger dreams and do things in their own time because their business is no longer dependent on them to survive.

What are you doing today to work on your business?