There seems to be this grand idea floating around that if you’re an entrepreneur you can simply start a tech company like Facebook, “go public” and then become an overnight billionaire success.

Allow me to be real for a moment with zero intention of being negative and just say that this sort of thing happens to very few people.

The average business takes at least 7-10 years before it reaches mastery, or in other words, when it becomes a business that doesn’t rely solely upon you. And as boring as this might sound, the safest way to grow a business is organically. It’s safe because you don’t have $1m+ worth of investor expectations riding you every day and most importantly you’re not losing a chunk of equity and control in your business.

Entrepreneurship is a journey, it’s not a fast track to fame and fortune. Which is the reason I want to talk about, “Your big why”.

If you don’t have a big enough why constantly pushing you forward, it can be hard to last the distance. There are going to be times when the going gets tough and your big why is going to be the secret weapon that propels you through it all and makes you a champion.

So here’s my big why…

I see a world with unlimited potential that’s hindered by social problems and I believe that entrepreneurs have the ability to fix a lot of them. There are going to be things that entrepreneurs can’t do, such as fix some of the moral issues. However, there are plenty of things that entrepreneurs can do, such as create jobs to help families get food on the table so that people aren’t forced into crime or prostitution. Entrepreneurs can also help to fix poverty by teaching others to become entrepreneurial or self-sufficient so that they’re not stuck in a cycle of dependency. We live in a world where we sit back and expect governments, churches and charities to fix all of these issues and I believe entrepreneurs are the ones who have the greatest chance of making the world a better place.

And so that’s my big why… that’s why I want to help people get started and that’s why I want to see more people succeed in business.

So now it’s your turn…

What’s your big why? What’s driving you? Why are you doing all of this?